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Get Help from a Professional Clive Personal Injury Lawyer!

Personal injuries often happen after car, bike, or motorcycle accidents due to how dangerous vehicle crashes are.

Some injuries are more severe than others, but regardless of how serious the injury the victim got is, that victim should get compensation for what happened. When people talk about personal injuries, they are referring to a legal term that involves an accident where negligent parties often caused that physical or mental damage.

However, since not everyone knows a lot about personal injuries or what they can do after an accident, negligent parties often take advantage of victims and avoid paying the compensation they need for their medical expenses and other economic damages.

All victims deserve to build a strong personal injury case if they got damaged by another person, and they can always rely on personal injury lawyers for it. Tom Fowler Law's lawyers are experts when it comes to personal injury cases, so they are the ones to call when victims need legal counsel in a personal injury case.

What Is a Personal Injury?

What Is a Personal Injury?

When people talk about personal injuries, they are talking about any physical or emotional damage caused to a person. As mentioned before, personal injury is a legal term that people mostly use for injuries caused by an accident or the actions of a negligent party.

Any damage that, for example, happens to a person after a car crash is considered a personal injury. Thus, a personal injury attorney is the one who takes cases where the victim suffered from a personal injury due to an accident or any negligent action from another person.

Victims suffering from personal injuries can file a lawsuit against the one who caused those injuries to get funds to cover medical expenses. However, this is a complex law process, so they can only go through it with the help of Clive Personal injury lawyers. Personal injury also includes pain and suffering claims.

People suffering from physical injuries can cover the damage they do with their liability insurance. Regardless of that, insurance companies sometimes try their best to avoid paying victims what they deserve for the accident they went through. Therefore, victims also need to prove what happened to insurance companies, as it would happen with auto insurance companies.

Types of Personal Injuries

There are different types of personal injury cases, and they depend on what caused the injury in the first place. Victims can get a different compensation depending on how severe the injury was and the type of injury they got. Here are some examples of injury cases:

Motor Vehicle Accident

As their name suggests, personal injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents include any kind of vehicle crash that causes damage to a person. Thus, this includes car, bike, motorcycle, and truck crashes. These accidents can be caused by different things, too.

Car accidents, for example, can happen due to drunk driving, distracted driving, road raging, or ignoring traffic signals. Personal injuries coming from a motor vehicle accident are some of the most common and dangerous ones, and they include spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, broken bones, facial fractures, and others. A personal injury law firm in Des Moines IA is experienced in negotiating compensation after an accident.

When someone gets into a car accident and hires a lawyer to take the case, personal injury attorneys need to look at what caused that accident to happen and collect evidence of it to then file a car accident lawsuit against the liable party for the crash. Car crash cases can turn into wrongful death ones if the victims die in the accident.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases include any case in which a person dies due to the recklessness or negligence of another party, and this applies to any context and not only things such as car accidents or medical malpractice.

When someone has a wrongful death, the family of the deceased is the one who hires personal injury attorneys to address the situation and get justice for their loved ones. The compensation in wrongful death claims is often meant to address pain and suffering expenses and memorial bills.

It's worth noting that wrongful death cases often lead to criminal investigation and not only civil cases due to them involving the death of a person. Because of that, the defendant needs to find a criminal defense lawyer for the matter and not just a civil one. Nevertheless, victims follow the same process of contacting legal counsel, so they don't have to worry about that.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice lawsuits are against doctors, nurses, and any kind of medical expert or professional that cause injuries to a patient because of their own negligent actions. This includes things such as misdiagnosis, surgical errors, and giving improper treatment of the victims.

Prescribing wrong medicines to a patient also counts as medical malpractice since it could make the victim suffer from several secondary effects and even cause physical damage to them. The thing about medical malpractice cases is they are not often taken by average injury lawyers.

People in need of legal counsel for a medical malpractice case need to hire an attorney that specializes in medical practice. Regular attorneys don't always know how to prove medical malpractice nor identify it. Fortunately, Tom Fowler Law has more than qualified lawyers, and victims of medical malpractice cases can hire them any time they want.

Workplace Accidents

Victims of negligent accidents at workplaces are often scared to sue their employers or the company because they are scared they may get fired afterward, but the law actually protects victims of these accidents thanks to the Workers' Compensation Act.

Getting injured or killed at one's workplace is unacceptable, and victims have the right to seek compensation without being afraid of further consequences.

Therefore, people suffering from this issue can either sue their employers or the whole company if needed and while workers' compensation laws vary depending on the state, all of them are enough to protect employees from negligent employers.

What to Do After Suffering from a Personal Injury

Suffering from personal injuries is something stressful by itself, but dealing with all the things that come with it can be even more overwhelming for victims. However, the process can change a little depending on the type of injury case the victim is going through.

Regardless of that, there are some things victims always have to do when dealing with these kinds of cases, so here are some steps to follow after getting personal injuries:

Get Medical Attention

This may seem obvious to some people, but getting medical attention right after the accident is one of the most important parts of the whole process.

The reason for that is some injuries can get even worse if victims let them progress. Apart from that, it's sometimes difficult to notice all the physical problems the accident caused, so timing is perfect when addressing these situations.

Collect Evidence

While this doesn't apply to people who are severely injured at the time, it's ideal for the case that victims collect as much evidence as they can after the accident since that could speed up the lawsuit process a lot.

Law processes can last a lot of time depending on how complex the case is, but simple cases can only take a few weeks. If the parties involved in the accident can prove what they claim quickly, there's not much to do in the trial, so they don't last a lot.

Evidence may vary depending on the type of accident the victim went through and what they need to prove. Victims of a car accident need to prove that they are not liable for the accident, so taking pictures of the damage both vehicles received could help. Talking to witnesses is also ideal for the matter.

Call an Injury Lawyer

If the victim has already done everything else on this list, the only step left to do is to call an injury lawyer. Some law firms, such as Tom Fowler Law, offer a free case consultation, so the only thing they need to do is schedule a meeting to arrange case details.

Injury lawyers are experts when dealing with these kinds of cases, and they know what victims need to do to win their cases. Considering that, any victims in West Des Moines or any other place in the U.S need to contact a law firm to take their case as soon as they can.

Where to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer in West Des Moines

Where to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer in West Des Moines

Finding a decent injury lawyer is complex regardless of where the victim is, and not all attorneys are good enough for victims to trust their compensation. Therefore, most people go for a law firm they already know or that someone else recommended in the past.

Fortunately, people in Clive can call Tom Fowler Law whenever they feel like it to hire top-notch attorneys experienced in injury cases.

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Wrapping Up

Personal injuries are something that is, unfortunately, common in the U.S due to all the people adopting negligent behaviors towards their peers. No one should let this happen to them without seeking justice for it, and Tom Fowler Law is the law firm everyone needs to get the compensation they deserve for what happened to them.


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