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A Proficient Clive Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Aggressively Seeks Compensation from Negligent Parties

Pedestrians face an exacerbated level of danger compared to many other groups of people using roads.

Car accidents are awful, but at least there is a layer of protection for injury victims. It doesn't mean they can't suffer serious injuries, but it does mean they are not exposed to direct impact.

On the other hand, pedestrian accident victims are exposed, and subject to severe and often fatal injuries. Survival, while common, comes with hefty medical expenses to take care of.

A Clive pedestrian accident attorney from Tom Fowler Law Firm can help you get fair compensation for your personal injuries. Call (515) 203-8434 today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Why Is Specific Expertise in Pedestrian Accidents Relevant?

Why Is Specific Expertise in Pedestrian Accidents Relevant?

Lawyers are skilled individuals who train for and then execute strategies in a complex industry.

The said complexity introduces extensive specialization. Iowa laws alone are more than any one person could hope to master.

Specialization means principles often don't carry over. The real estate lawyer, for example, may not be familiar with how to handle the principle called contributory negligence in a pedestrian accident. This is why you should choose an experienced Des Moines pedestrian accident law firm to assist you after an incident.

Personal injury expertise with specific experience in pedestrian accident cases translates to an understanding of your case's requirements and the kind of situational familiarity that leads to successful legal representation.

What is the Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Your Pedestrian Accident Case?

Put simply, your personal injury lawyer is expected to act within the Iowa road laws in a bid to get you a fair financial settlement from the insurance company representing the negligent party.

This also applies to motorcycle accidents, car accident cases, and others that may feature a personal injury.

This goal can involve several elements, such as negotiating with the insurance company of the responsible party on your behalf.

Building your case is another fundamental area. Experienced lawyers ensure they put all the evidence together to increase your likelihood of getting full compensation following an accident a negligent driver caused.

Liability in Personal Injury Law

People often assume that under Iowa law, a vehicle driver is always at fault in a pedestrian accident.

However, this is not necessarily so. A pedestrian is expected to exercise awareness and care in the way they go about using roadways.

For example, pedestrians should not be looking to head across a crosswalk while the traffic light is on green for vehicles to proceed.

In most cases, however, reckless drivers are indeed to blame for whatever harm came to the injured party. A personal injury lawyer aims to prove that the driver:

  • Had a duty of care to the pedestrian

  • Failed to carry out said duty because of a negligent act

The pedestrian accident attorney must also prove that whatever the driver did directly resulted in the injuries that the pedestrian is now dealing with.

Types of Damages a Personal Injury Attorney Seeks in the Aftermath of Pedestrian Accidents

Beyond establishing the link between accident injuries and recklessness, a pedestrian accident lawyer also aims to recover damages on behalf of clients.

This is where the securing of fair compensation comes into the mix. Some of these settlement elements are:

  • Medical bills - These expenses are incurred from the medical treatment provided for brain injuries, spinal injuries, fractures, etc. and may be ongoing

  • Lost wages - After being severely injured in an accident, it's often not possible to return to work temporarily or permanently. This claim compensates the victim instead of a salary.

  • Wrongful death - Claims made by family members after a loved one's death because of another's negligence. There may be an economic element if the deceased was the breadwinner

  • Pain and suffering - Your legal team will try to get monetary compensation for the physical pain and mental anguish you must endure

How to Select from the Pool of Clive, IA Personal Injury Attorneys

How to Select from the Pool of Clive, IA Personal Injury Attorneys

This principle can be applied to West Des Moines, Des Moines, IA, and other locations in the state just as it applies to Clive, IA. You must exercise caution and optimal decision-making as you choose the law firm you want to represent you.

Contingency Fee Basis

Most personal injury law firm options out there will meet this requirement. The contingency fee basis means that you pay nothing upfront. This goes beyond the free consultation that starts things off.

You are only required to pay legal fees if you win your case. At that point, your fees will be calculated as a percentage of the settlement you are awarded.

This is yet another reason you shouldn't hesitate to retain a Clive, West Des Moines, or Des Moines pedestrian accident attorney.

Qualifications and Experience

You will notice that the best attorneys conduct themselves in a professional manner throughout their engagements with their clients. A part of this is training from obtaining the required qualifications.

Get the contact details for your state bar association and verify that the law firm is licensed to carry out its practice areas of focus.

Apart from qualifications, there is the matter of expertise. Ideally, whichever lawyer you choose should have dealt with other incidents like yours in the past.

You don't want to be suffering because of someone else's carelessness and end up with a clueless lawyer.

Ask questions about the relevant experience to your case as you evaluate your legal position before settling on an attorney. Only a knowledgeable

Action Plan

During your free case review, you want to get a feel for the kind of action plan the attorney would use to help you make good on your insurance claim.

Attorneys who are fit to represent clients can usually explain your options to you and suggest the most optimal action plan.

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No one wants to be hit by cars, motorcycles, or commercial trucks as they walk along the sidewalk or cross the road.

Unfortunately, many innocent pedestrians find themselves involved in such crashes, which leave them severely injured.

If you find yourself in such a position, you may be entitled to financial compensation. However, it starts with you.

Contact Tom Fowler Law firm today at (515) 203-8434 to schedule a free initial consultation!


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