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Urbandale Bicycle Accident Lawyer - Tom Fowler Is the Ideal Expert

The Des Moines, IA area is home to many people, but it's also a place where numerous accidents happen. When a cyclist's life is affected by a crash, the person has the legal right to pursue compensation for what they're going through.

What a Person Should Do if They Are in a Bike Accident

What a Person Should Do if They Are in a Bike Accident

When someone is in a bike crash in West Des Moines, there are a few things they should do to make sure they're safe. Here are some suggestions:

Call the Police

The first thing to do when someone is in a bicycle accident is to call the police. They are the right professionals to address the initial aspects of the case.

Get Medical Assistance

After the client contacts the police, they should immediately get medical assistance. Even though Iowa law protects them, if they were in a bicycle accident, they need help from a healthcare expert. Getting medical treatment is crucial.

Gather Evidence

To file a personal injury case, gathering evidence is crucial. Regardless of whether the person wants to make a workers' compensation claim, file a medical malpractice, or a premises liability case, they need to prove negligence. Therefore, they should take pictures if they can and get witnesses to speak about what happened.

Look for a Perfect Lawyer

The injured party must hire the ideal attorney if they want to get financial compensation for what they're going through. West Des Moines and nearby areas like Cedar Rapids are home to numerous experts, but Tom Fowler might be the perfect lawyer to help people get a settlement for their broken bones, lost wages, and medical bills.

Why Bike Accidents Can Be Lethal

Bicycle accidents can be catastrophic because the person does not have an airbag or similar methods to protect themselves. Therefore, they might suffer lethal injuries and require medical care.

Should the Client Hire an Attorney?

Injured Iowans should always hire personal injury lawyers. The attorney-client relationship is essential for the outcomes of the case, and in Des Moines, IA, finding the ideal expert might be challenging. A Des Moines bicycle accident lawyer can help you get started after an accident.

Even though there are numerous professionals in Des Moines, IA, if the person wants to fight for their legal rights and get a settlement for non-economic damages, economic damages like medical attention, and overall everything related to their injuries, they should hire Tom Fowler.

Tom Fowler Law Is the Ideal Law Firm

Being in a bicycle accident might make the person suffer physical and psychological consequences. If they have to take days off work or school or suffered catastrophic injuries, they might need a personal injury lawyer who understands what they're going through and helps them with it.

Tom Fowler is the ideal attorney for this. He has years of experience with bicycle accidents and related practice areas. At the same time, he offers a free consultation, so clients can get to know him before hiring him.

An Attorney Who Can Help People

With Tom Fowler, people can fight for their workers' compensation and file a strong personal injury case. Even though being in a bicycle accident might be challenging, the right law firm can help clients through the process.

After a free consultation, clients might notice that Tom Fowler Law is a specialized law firm that offers only the best services to clients in Des Moines, IA, Cedar Rapids, and nearby areas.

Tom Fowler Is a Fantastic Professional

Accident lawyers must be empathetic and understanding, especially in a free initial consultation. They have to understand that the person is in pain and under a lot of stress, and they must be willing to help them.

Tom Fowler is a former US Marine, so he is passionate about defending injured clients, helping them with workers' compensation, and overall with working in personal injury law and related practice areas.

If someone wants effective legal help in West Des Moines, IA, Tom Fowler might be the perfect professional. He can assess the person's individual case and make sure that the responsible party pays for what they did.

Bicycle Accident Lawsuits

One of the most important aspects of working with a law firm is making sure that the accident lawyers guide the victims through the lawsuits.

Even though Des Moines, IA is a lovely place to live, it's also home to numerous negligent drivers who can cause bicycle accidents and leave injured people behind. In Iowa, the law defends clients, so accident lawyers must help people through the legal process.

Contacting a Collision Lawyer

Collision attorneys or accident lawyers are essential experts to hire when someone suffers injuries after a car accident. However, being in bicycle crashes is no different - they should also get legal assistance.

On many occasions, people go online, read some guides, and believe that it's enough to handle the legal aspects of their accident. Nonetheless, they should keep in mind that articles exist for general information purposes. If they are in Urbandale, IA, contacting Tom Fowler is the ideal option.

Why Hiring an Attorney Is Necessary

Why Hiring an Attorney Is Necessary

Being injured in a bike crash in Urbandale, IA might mean the person is going through physical and psychological pain. Accidents can be catastrophic, so hiring an attorney is necessary if the cyclist wants to prove negligence.

The people involved must pay for what they did if they are responsible for damages to the person's life. Therefore, getting help from accident lawyers is a necessary alternative because the victim is entitled to get a fair settlement for what they're going through.

Other Urbandale Practice Areas

Tom Fowler Is Available

Even though there are numerous lawyers in West Des Moines, IA, Tom Fowler is a dedicated professional. This law firm makes sure that clients go through a smooth process as they file a claim, and professionals guarantee that the people involved are held accountable for their actions.

Cyclists are at risk when they're riding their bikes, and if someone suffered grave injuries due to another person's negligence, Tom Fowler is here to help. Clients can contact him as soon as they can and start their legal process.


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