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Retain an Urbandale Dog Bite Lawyer Immediately After Your Injury

Dog bites are nothing for people to turn up their noses at. IA dog bite lawyers in Urbandale make themselves available to help victims through the ordeal. A dog's owner is responsible within reason to ensure that the animal doesn't injure anyone.

Nevertheless, dog bite cases remain very common in personal injury law. If you are on the receiving end of a dog bite, you need a personal injury lawyer in your corner to help you recover damages for the physical challenges and emotional suffering that the phenomenon has caused.

Tom Fowler Law is a top-rated personal injury law firm dedicated to helping dog bite victims get the fair compensation they deserve. If you are in Urbandale, Des Moines, West Des Moines, or surrounding areas in Iowa, call the dog bite attorney team at (515) 203-8434.

Facts About Cases Involving Dog Bites in Iowa

Facts About Cases Involving Dog Bites in Iowa

Personal injury attorneys do all they can to ensure that their clients have an adequate understanding of how legal issues associated with a dog's bite work. While the attorney provides all the legal help needed, those finding the personal injury claims learn what they can and should do to help prove that they have serious injuries, incurred medical expenses, etc.

If you've been bitten and are in the process of hiring IA dog bite lawyers, here are some quick facts you should know:

  • Iowa does not use the "one bite rule," so even when dogs bite for the first time, dog owners are still liable in personal injury cases.

  • The statute of limitations in Iowa gives two years within which you can bring insurance claims but there are exceptions depending on the circumstances.

  • If you've suffered a serious injury and don't hire a lawyer, one who opts to represent insurance companies is going to be on the side of the dog owner, and your chances of recovering what you paid in medical bills begin to slim down.

  • As is the case with workplace accidents, witnesses are incredibly important after you've been attacked by an animal.

  • Authority to file is another legal issue. Generally, dog bite victims or their parents/guardians (in the case of a child) can file a claim against a dog owner or the owner's insurance company.

Choosing from the Slew of Iowa Dog Bite Attorneys Available

As you look to make a full recovery following the unlawful act of a dog bite, you need a lawyer who can help you determine the value of your case considering lost wages, medical attention, pain and suffering, etc.

First, check with your respective state bar association. State bar associations in Urbandale, IA can help you determine the legitimacy of the attorney's practice.

Experience is another important one. You want to know how many cases similar to yours the dog bite attorney has served during the course of practice. Additionally, you want to know how many of these compensation claims were successful. Getting a feel for court performance in related practice areas is also a good idea. A Des Moines dog bite lawyer can assist in helping you feel more comfortable with potential court proceedings.

Remember this person is going to protect your interest following an unfortunate accident and you do not want to feel like a victim here too. Pay attention to communication after you contact the law firm. Additionally, seek to understand what the strategy is to tackle your legal issue.

What to Do After an Urbandale Animal Attack

Gather the Required Evidence

The best advice a potential client can get at the onset is to collect every bit of information possible at the scene of dog bites. Pretend as if you know an infection is on the horizon that's going to throw off your health and you need all the money you can to fight it.

Photographs are not necessary for you to win your court case if the matter gets there but they sure can provide an assist.

Get Treatment

Dog bite lawyers factor your injuries and the care you got for them into the compensation claim. Additionally, disease control following dog bites is most likely to be successful when medical professionals attend to the injured party in an attack.

Documents are generated here that have a lot of legal weight for clients. Your attorney has the knowledge and experience necessary to use evidence from the incident to ensure justice is served for the harm the dog brought to you.

Get Personal Injury Lawyers Involved

This goes without saying at this point. Dog bite lawyers are essential in the recovery of compensation on your behalf. Talking to an attorney should be very high on your priority list after run-ins with dogs.

There are many benefits when you resolve to take this step. You get to discuss areas such as liability, fees (which are non-existent with Tom Fowler Law unless you win), risk areas, necessary information, an action plan, etc.

File a Police Report

A recorded statement can often heavily influence law-based decisions. If you want to maximize your chances of the claim ending in your getting the compensation you deserve, phone the police or visit a station in the city as soon as you can.

Typical Injuries Caused By a Dog Bite in Iowa

While there are other types of injuries, dog bite lawyers see these the most often as they provide their services:

  • Infections (The extent can vary from menial to life-threatening)

  • Facial and bodily disfigurement

  • Nerve damage

  • Death

  • Scarring

What Kinds of Compensation Are Associated with a Dog Bite Case?

A settlement for someone who was made to suffer after a dog bite in Urbandale, Des Moines, or West Des Moines, IA, may be entitled to the following:

  • Past, current, and future medical bill expenses

  • Lost income in the future

  • Physical pain and emotional anguish

What Can You Do to Prevent Dog Attacks in Urbandale, IA?

What Can You Do to Prevent Dog Attacks in Urbandale, IA?

The nature of the way some animal attacks occur makes them preventable. Here are some steps you can take to prevent any such accident from happening to you:

  • Don't go near strays

  • Avoid chasing dogs

  • Unless the person responsible for a dog says it's OK to pet the dog, don't do so

  • Never tease a dog

Other Urbandale Practice Areas

A Personal Injury Attorney from Tom Fowler Law Is Ready to Offer You a Free Initial Consultation

If you want a firm that stands strongly with every client to ensure that those liable for a claim pay what is owned, look no further than Tom Fowler Law.

Schedule a free consultation today if you or a loved one in Urbandale, IA were attacked by a pet. Take advantage of decades of experience by calling (515) 203-8434 today!

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