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Urbandale Personal Injury Lawyer - Tom Fowler Is the Ideal Attorney

Personal injury lawyers are experts in legal matters, and they are prepared to help clients if they want to file a claim. Tom Fowler Law is a law firm that can offer top assistance to people in Urbandale.

Personal Injury Lawyers to Help People in Need

Personal Injury Lawyers to Help People in Need

When someone suffers from an injury that's a product of another person's negligence, they might have to pay for medical bills. However, they have the right to get fair compensation for what they're going through.

Hiring a personal injury attorney means the individual is able to get professional legal services from an expert who can both guide them through the process and guarantee they get the best possible outcome.

Tom Fowler Is a Personal Injury Law Expert

Locating top personal injury attorneys might not be as straightforward as it seems at first. There are numerous law firms in West Des Moines, IA, but not all of them offer passionate attorneys to defend their clients.

When a client hires an Urbandale personal injury attorney, they must try to locate someone who offers a free consultation. If they do that, they can explain the details about their personal injury claim, for example, if they were in a car accident or suffered from medical malpractice, a spinal cord injury, etc.

A Professional Who Can Defend Clients

After the free initial consultation, the client can seek compensation and the personal injury law expert might guide them through the process.

Tom Fowler is best injury lawyer in Des Moines in these matters and can aid clients who were in a construction accident, car crash, bus accident, or any other similar legal issue.

Practice Areas

Free initial consultations are available if the client asks Tom Fowler for help with their insurance claims and personal injury cases. Nonetheless, if they want to have a general overview of what the law firm can help them with, they should take a look at the following practice areas:

Truck Accidents

People who drive commercial trucks or big rigs in Urbandale are unfortunately at risk of suffering from injuries. At the same time, the general population is sometimes in danger because of drivers' negligence.

If a person is in a truck accident and needs to get medical treatment, they should hire Tom Fowler. He is a personal injury lawyer who will passionately fight for the victim to get the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

Car Accidents

The population in Urbandale, IA has increased in the past few years. Therefore, more people have been involved in car crashes, which is why hiring a personal injury lawyer like Tom Fowler is crucial.

Hiring Tom Fowler means the victim relies on a law firm with more than two decades of combined experience. They have legal rights, and the law protects them if they suffered from an injury that affects their daily activities.

Motorcycle Accidents

Since motorcycle drivers don't have an airbag or a steel frame to surround them, they are at risk of suffering severe injuries if they are in a crash.

Experienced personal injury lawyers like Tom Fowler can speak on behalf of the injured client. If the person is dealing with lost wages, catastrophic injuries, or any other issue as a result of a motorcycle accident, Tom Fowler Law is the right law firm to go to.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is probably one of the worst situations someone can go through. However, personal injury lawyers from Tom Fowler Law are prepared to help survivors through this process and legally protect them as they defend their cases.

Dog and Animal Bites

In some cases, pets like dogs might bite people and cause catastrophic consequences, for example, serious injuries.

People who want to get the fair compensation they deserve should trust experienced personal injury lawyers like Tom Fowler. He can evaluate the victims' animal bite cases and defend victims in court if needed.

Workers' Compensation

On some occasions, people are injured in vehicle crashes. However, in other cases, victims are in a workplace accident, and this might be immensely grave and affect their daily life as well.

Tom Fowler Law personal injury lawyers can fight for the person's rights in Urbandale, IA. As soon as the victim contacts them, they can start the workers' comp legal process.

Pedestrian Accidents

There are numerous pedestrian accidents in West Des Moines, IA. However, Tom Fowler is prepared to guide people through this process.

As a former US Marine, he understands what it's like to feel hurt. Thus, he might be the ideal lawyer to defend an injured pedestrian.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Falling on someone else's property might grant the person the possibility to hire a law firm and get compensation.

An attorney like Tom Fowler could be the best professional to go to in West Des Moines, IA. Even though there are other options in Iowa, he is a passionate lawyer who is committed to his clients and cares about way more than just the legal fees the victims pay. Instead, he wants people to get a fair settlement.

Why Tom Fowler Law Is the Right Firm to Hire

Why Tom Fowler Law Is the Right Firm to Hire

When someone has to pay for medical expenses in Urbandale, IA as a result of an accident, they should contact the services of Tom Fowler Law.

Tom Fowler Law Is a Dedicated Family Business

With years of experience in West Des Moines, Tom Fowler is the ideal attorney to make sure that clients achieve the best results they can with their cases.

Tom Fowler Law is a family business, and every professional working for the firm cares about the client's story and what they're going through.

Other Urbandale Practice Areas

Clients Can Contact Tom Fowler Today

If a client wants to get a free consultation with Tom Fowler, they should call the firm's phone number (515) 203-8434 and explain the details of the case. Regardless of whether they know they have to go to trial or they simply want to ensure they get the settlement they deserve, this passionate attorney can help them.

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