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Injured from a Bicycle Accident? Seek Johnston Bicycle Accident Lawyer for Assistance

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Riding a bike is an environmentally friendly way to reach a particular destination. Plus, a good exercise as riders uses their own body to travel safely and effectively. Just like any other form of transportation, there’s always a probability of getting into a bicycle accident while on the roadways.

Other drivers can hit a bike rider while on the roadway as they are more exposed to elements. Bicycle accidents are just as bad as any other accident as they can leave a bicycle rider with serious injuries and extensive damages. The bike accident can also expose a rider to constant fights with their insurance company who don’t want to pay the claim; talk about adding salt to injury.

Talking to an experienced attorney at Tom Fowler Law is imperative. They will be in a suitable position to advise and tell a rider who has been in a bike accident their legal options. Tom Fowler Law has been in the legal game for a long time, giving legal advice and representing victims who have been in all types of motor accidents, including bicycle accidents.

Bicycle accident attorneys from Tom Fowler Law Firm have won many driver negligence cases of bicycle accident injury victims. They also help victims seek compensation from insurance companies fighting their claims. People may reach out to Tow Fowler Law Firm bike accident lawyers to get a free consultation about bicycle accident claims.

How a Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help the Victim

How a Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help the Victim

Bicycle accidents can be complex like any other motor vehicle accident. It's, therefore, wise to hire bicycle accidents lawyers the minute a bike rider is involved in a bicycle accident. The bicycle accident lawyer will help the rider with the following;

  • Help a claimant seek compensation. Bicycle accident lawyers will help them gather witness statements.

  • Review the police reports.

  • Visualize the scene of the bicycle accident.

  • Inspecting and documenting any damage to the bike.

  • Conduct an investigation on the other driver's car accident history.

  • Contact medical experts to analyze the victim’s medical records.

Depending on the state where the bicycle accident occurred, the victim can be subject to no-fault insurance laws like personal injury protection. Here, the insurance companies are mandated to pay the initial coverage. Moreover, if the bicycle accident victim has a car, their car insurance firm will pay for the compensation. If the victim doesn't have a car, the other driver’s insurance company may have to compensate the victim for personal injuries.

The gravity of car accidents may make personal injury claims from the victim’s insurance firm fall short. This compensation may not even cover the common bicycle accident injuries a victim may have. In such a scenario, accident lawyers can offset the following;

  • Complete all relevant steps and exhaust a fair compensation.

  • Determine who was at fault following Iowa traffic laws and determine the cause of the accident.

  • File a personal injury lawsuit to prove negligence on the motor vehicles at fault.

If the victim is in Iowa, an at-fault state, a Des Moines bicycle accident attorney at Tom Fowler Law Firm will help the victim recover compensation for their bike accident case. They’ll hold the at-fault insurance firm accountable for paying for the injury victim's medical treatment expenses, among other things. Bike accident victims should contact Tom Fowler Law today for a free case review.

Bike Accidents Lawsuit

There are two types of lawsuits, including negligence and product liability claims:


The two parties involved in the accident wouldn’t want to take the blame for it. Therefore, the claimant's attorney must prove the other party was negligent. However, it will depend on the claimant's attorney's evidence and how well they’ll represent it to court. An exceptional attorney must determine who had the right of way, who failed to exercise reasonable care, plus the motorists who violated the traffic law of Iowa.

An accident lawyer must show the other party failed to act reasonably and failed to exercise the duty motorists own one another. Failing to exercise this duty caused the bicycle/car accident to happen. Moreover, personal injuries were sustained due to this accident.

Product Liability Claim

If defects to a product contributed to the accident, the victim might have a personal lawsuit against the manufacturer. In a negligence claim against the manufacturer, the claimant's attorney may have to prove:

  • The defective bicycle and/or parts were dangerous.

  • Lawyers must show that the defect originated from the manufacturer for strict liability claims to be successful.

  • It was not operating as the manufacturer intended.

  • The bicycle's performance had drastically changed since its initial purchase.

Bike Accidents Injuries and Compensations

Bike Accidents Injuries and Compensations

Injured cyclists who are in PIP states like Iowa should be aware that the PIP coverage will not cover all injuries sustained like:

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Head injuries

  • Broken bones

  • Paralysis

  • Broken necks

  • Death

  • Back Injuries

If an injured cyclist has severe injuries that the PIP coverage can’t facilitate, the cyclist may sue the other vehicles to recover compensation for the following:

  • Past and future medical expenses; the reimbursement will cover medical bills for diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of the injury.

  • Lost wages; a claimant may potentially not be able to work since they’re nursing injuries. This can lead to loss of work if the timeframe for nursing is extravagantly extensive. This means no income for them and their family members. Compensation for lost wages will, therefore, cover such inconveniences.

  • Pain and suffering cover the physical and mental anguish the accident has caused.

Injured in a bicycle-car collision? Experienced attorneys from Tom Fowler Law can help a claimant. Whether they are at fault in a PIP state or not, the claimant can easily file a lawsuit to get compensation. Claimants can fill out the review case with Tom Fowler Law to determine their options.

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Tom Fowler Law: Helping Cyclists

Insurance firms are out to get more profits and keep their money reserves. Therefore, it's likely they may try to refute a claimant’s claim. They’ll work tooth and nail to show that the claimant was partially to blame. Tom Fowler Law has experienced attorneys in their respective fields, working with other experts to collect, analyze and present evidence exceptionally.

With tangible resources on their hands, they have a record of building strong negligence cases to collect compensation that their clients are entitled to for a better attorney-client relationship. Victims can contact Tom Fowler Law today for a free case evaluation.


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