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Johnston Personal Injury Lawyer | Need Legal Help?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Johnston personal injury lawyers are hard at work in the state of Iowa. Every year, these personal injury lawyers help thousands of helpless victims claim for personal injury and recover legal aid as a result of their claims.

Compensation, however, plays only a small part, and these personal injury lawyers can do more for their clients in terms of the rehabilitation, medical care, and support that an individual may need in order to achieve the best recovery possible.

What Is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

What Is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

In simple terms, a personal injury lawyer in Des Moines is somebody who acts as a legal representative on the behalf of an individual who has fallen sick or has been hurt in an accident at the fault of someone else. These lawyers work in tort law, which includes both negligent and intentional acts. Their job is to pursue compensation for their victims.

What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

"Personal Injury" is the legal term used to describe an illness or injury that has either been caused or worsened as a result of somebody else's negligence. If these circumstances have caused an individual to suffer, that individual may be able to make a personal injury claim.

How Long Does a Person Have to Make a Claim?

Normally, a person has two years in which they are able to make a personal injury claim. Usually, this time limit begins from the date the accident happened or the date of the diagnosis of their illness. In some cases, however, the date may begin from the time a person became aware that their injuries or illness were due to the negligence of somebody else.

In rare cases, exceptions to the two-year rule may apply, and the time limit can be even shorter. It is necessary to contact a Johnston personal injury lawyer at Tom Fowler Law Firm at (515) 203-8434 or visit the family business's website as soon as possible, should there be someone who thinks they may have a claim and are wanting justice.

What Types of Personal Injury Can Someone Claim For?

Often, personal injury cases are a result of the negligent act of another. This typically includes auto accidents, such as truck, motorcycle, or car accidents. Other types of transportation accidents may also be handled by personal injury lawyers and tend to include bike accidents, aviation accidents, pedestrian accidents, boating accidents, as well as mass transportation accidents.

These attorneys at Tom Fowler Law Firm are also equipped with the knowledge to handle cases concerning premises liability, which includes security that has been negligent, slip and fall incidents, as well as dog bites or attacks.

Furthermore, construction accidents, nursing home neglect or abuse, and medical malpractice cases also all fall under the category of personal injury cases.

Types of Compensation

A plaintiff that has suffered damages may be entitled to compensation as a result of emotional distress, medical expenses, loss of earning capacity or income, loss of companionship, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment for life, as well as any pain and suffering caused.

No Win, No Fee Basis

The majority of the claims handled by Fowler's attorneys are on a no-win, no-fee basis, meaning that clients are not required to pay money out of their own pocket, and should their claim be unsuccessful, there is no financial risk present.

How Much Personal Injury Compensation Could a Person Receive?

The consequences as a result of the same illness or injury from individual to individual will vary; therefore, the amount of legal aid one may receive will be personal to their case. In this case, the attorneys at Tom Fowler Law Firm possess the necessary experience to accurately value claims based on a person's unique circumstances, ensuring an individual is entitled to the compensation they deserve.

Acts of Personal Injury Lawyers

Acts of Personal Injury Lawyers

Depending on the type of case, where they are in the process of the case, and its practice areas, Johnston personal injury lawyers will take specific actions; some of these may be:

Investigating claims - a legal practitioner will not pursue a claim that they do not believe will most likely result in a win for their client.

Gathering of evidence - a Johnston attorney will gather any necessary evidence needed to support the claim of their plaintiff, establish liability, and prove to what extent the damages were suffered by their client. This includes police or incident reports, witness statements, medical bills, employment reports or documents, and even damages to property reports.

Insurance company negotiation- a Johnston attorney will review the details of an insurance policy and may also decide to handle all communications to prevent the client from doing anything that may jeopardize their claim, for example, giving a recorded statement.

Preparing pleadings - in the case where an insurance company fails to provide a fair settlement, an attorney will prepare a complaint against the defendant. Here, the legal argument regarding why the defendant is responsible will be prepared in the form of a complaint.

Representation of clients at trial - if a case happens to proceed to trial, a Johnston attorney will provide representation on behalf of the client in court. They are knowledgeable of court customs and procedures and will ensure that all the necessary steps are followed carefully.

Other Johnston Practice Areas

Why Choose Tom Fowler's Personal Injury Lawyers?

If a family member or a loved one is suffering any injuries or illnesses as a result of the negligence of another party, it is necessary to have a good personal injury lawyer by their side. At Tom Fowler Law Firm, its attorneys act on behalf of victims of personal injury. These personal injury lawyers will deal exclusively with personal injury claims, and those in search of an expert have come to the right place.

They can help anyone across Iowa to claim any compensation that an individual may legally be entitled to. Wherever an individual's location may be in the city of Johnston, a Fowler attorney will be more than happy to hear from them.

People can phone, email, or text message and get in contact with Tom Fowler Law Firm today to book a free consultation with dedicated personal injury lawyers who will explain the legal rights of an individual and determine whether a claim for personal injury will be successful. A personal injury lawyer at Tom Fowler Law Firm understands just how scary it is to be injured or ill and wants to lend their clients a helping hand with the exceptional service that they are able to offer. All information entrusted with Fowler's licensed legal practitioners will remain strictly confidential and protected.

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