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Johnston Truck Accident Lawyer: The Lawyer You Need After Your Accident

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Truck accidents can be scary and may traumatize drivers. This is because there a truck accident can lead to many different injuries. When a truck driver is in an accident, they should contact a truck accident lawyer right away because they will be able to help them get the compensation that they deserve.

The truck accident attorneys at Tom Fowler Law are here to help any truck driver that has been in a truck accident. Every accident lawyer is knowledgeable and an experienced truck accident lawyer, so every client is only ever receiving the best.

What Causes a Truck Accident?

What Causes a Truck Accident?

There are many reasons why truck accidents occur. It has been found in a study that truck drivers cause 55% of trucking accidents. This is usually because they were either speeding, aggressively driving, or not paying attention to the road. Some of the other reasons why truck accidents happen are:

  • The semi-truck is overweight

  • Truck drivers are making illegal maneuvers

  • There is not enough surveillance while driving by the driver

  • Speeding

  • Broke problems

  • Tailgating

The trucking company can only be held accountable in a truck accident case if the truck is the reason for the accident. However, a trucking accident can occur when the driver is at-fault for their poor decision making.

Why Is a Truck Accident Claim More Complicated?

There are many reasons why a trucking accident is not the same as a motor vehicle accident - which leads to why truck accident cases are more complicated than other driving cases. This is because there may be joint liability involved between the trucking company, the driver, and the cargo shipper. Also, multiple parties are involved when a truck accident occurs, so everyone is trying to protect themselves before going to court.

When a truck accident happens, the trucking company will ensure that their trucking accident lawyers are informed right away and that the investigators are sent straight to the accident site. The main goal of all trucking companies is to make sure that they can prove they are not at-fault. This is because the trucking companies and the truck driver both have very high liability insurance and do not want to payout.

That is why drivers need to have their truck accident lawyer right away. The company's truck accident attorneys will ask many questions, and if the driver says something they should have withheld that could potentially make them look guilty, they will use that against them.

How Will a Truck Accident Lawyer Help the Driver?

Trucking accidents are devastating, and they can leave many people vulnerable to not just the hired truck accident lawyers for the company but also the authorities. Since many truck crashes lead to severe injuries and fatalities - the authorities will be called right away. This step needs to happen because any injured party will need to be seen by paramedics.

However, if the driver does not contact a law firm to represent them and their needs, it is more likely that they will fall behind when it comes to the investigation. This is because the law firm will send out its team to check the site and gather the appropriate information for the case. All of the other parties will have completed this step while the driver is trying to heal, so it is beneficial if this happens sooner rather than later.

Who Can Be Liable for the Accident?

A few different parties can be held accountable when a truck accident happens.

  1. The truck owner has the legal duty to run maintenance checks on their truck. However, if the truck has defective brakes or tires, then this means that the owner has not been looking after the truck properly and can be held liable for the accident if this was the cause of it.

  2. Many truck drivers also tow tractor-trailers, so the trailer owner may be held liable if this was the cause of the accident. If the tractor-trailer was not loaded safely and an accident occurred because of it, they would be held accountable.

  3. The truck company may not have followed the proper maintenance check on their vehicles, so an accident happened because of it. This would be the company's fault, and they would be liable for the accident.

  4. If the cargo was not loaded or fastened correctly, the cargo company would be liable for the accident if it had fallen off and landed on the road or hit a car.

  5. Sometimes, there may be a defect with a part of the truck, which means the truck manufacturer will be liable. This may be overlooked by the initial investigation done by the police, but an expert law team will know to check this.

  6. The last group that could be held liable is the local road authorities. If the accident occurred because of the maintenance of roads, then the state would be held accountable for causing the accident.

Why Tom Fowler Law Is Here to Help

Why Tom Fowler Law Is Here to Help

The Des Moines semi truck accident lawyer at Tom Fowler Law is experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about every client that comes to them for help. They will ensure that every driver knows exactly what is going on with their case, so they are never caught off guard. Also, Tom Fowler Law provides a free consultation to people coming in to see if this is the right group for them.

They understand that a truck accident is catastrophic and can alter a person's life. This can happen through injuries or prosecution, so people must have a lawyer that will help them when they need it.

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After a truck accident has occurred, the smartest decision that any driver could make is to call Tom Fowler Law. This is because the team will guide the client through the process and make sure that they receive the right care they need. Also, the personal injury attorney that has been assigned to the case will make sure that they are thorough with all of the information that comes their way regarding the case.

Any potential clients should call (515) 203-8434 for a free consultation.

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