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Are You in Need of a Johnston Dog Bite Lawyer?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Thousands of people are bitten by dogs each year. A dog bite victim is more likely to suffer severe lacerations, which may require follow-up plastic surgery and lead to permanent scarring.

Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and other violent breeds are often used in these assaults. Bite wounds from dangerous breeds can be life-threatening.

Essentially, Pit Bulls were responsible for 66 percent of fatal dog attacks in the United States, according to national statistics. That isn't to say that all of them are dangerous, but some of them are.

The dog bite injury attorneys in Johnston, IA, work hard to assess their clients' damages, demand a complete financial recovery, offer assistance, counsel throughout the process, and manage every aspect of their dog bite cases.

Furthermore, the Johnston dog bite lawyers will move quickly to preserve important evidence, as well as photograph and document a victim's injuries if a dog bites them. A major dog bite can be life-threatening and unpleasant.

A victim hiring an experienced dog bite personal injury attorney will protect their rights while also giving them peace of mind that their personal injury cases are being handled properly. This will allow them to concentrate on recovering and healing from the dog bites, which is exactly what they need to do.

Johnston, IA Injuries from Dog Bites

Johnston, IA Injuries from Dog Bites

When a victim walks away from a dog bite accident, their injuries can differ wildly. Dog bite injuries in Johnston, IA are complicated, and they can put someone in danger of having other health problems or long-term effects, such as disfigurement, lasting disability, and infection.

It is important that a victim gets medical attention as soon as possible and a free consultation with a dog bite lawyer in Des Moines.

Seeing a medical practitioner immediately after an injury is important to a victim's physical and financial recovery.

As an example, an emergency physician may give the victim a shot to prevent rabies, MRSA, and other serious and potentially lethal infections, while a plastic surgeon may be consulted to ensure that the sutures a victim requires are done in a way that minimizes scarring.

Here are some of the most typical dog bite injuries:

  • Scrapes and cuts

  • Bruises

  • Cuts

  • Tears in muscle tissue

  • Damage to nerve tissue

  • Fractures and broken bones

  • Crush injuries

A person must follow the advice of experienced professionals in order to recover successfully.

While Tom Fowler's dog bite injury lawyers guide victims through the legal process of their dog bite injury lawsuit in Johnston, IA, victims must also follow the advice and care of their medical specialists in the treatment of such injuries.

Victims must attend any follow-up medical appointments and care for their injuries at home according to a doctor's orders.

Factors to Consider in a Dog Bite Case

If the Owner Was Aware of the Dog's Aggressive Tendencies or Should Have Been Aware of Them

These details matter if an owner is aware that their dog is violent, is aroused by certain sounds, or is unfriendly to people in public. It is their responsibility to create a safe atmosphere for others, regardless of what makes their dog dangerous.

If the Victim Was Actually Hurt

It's also important to know if a bite caused some type of harm. If the wound is minor, the treatment will be as well. Even if the bite is minor, an owner might be held liable for the trauma caused by the attack.

If the Victim Was Trespassing or the Dog Was Provoked

The owner cannot be held accountable if a party trespassed into another person's home or yard and was bitten. Similarly, if a person is bitten but it is because he or she provoked the dog, the owner is not to blame.

The Most Common Reasons Dogs Bite

Many people hold certain dog breeds in high regard, but it is typically the dog's upbringing and a person's actions that cause it to bite. The following are the primary factors that may cause a dog to bite a person:

  • In reaction to a tense situation or event

  • He or she might be afraid or threatened

  • They may be startled or sick

  • They may be scared or unwell as a means of protecting themselves, their puppies, or their owner. By being aware of these potential triggers, a person may be able to spot a potentially dangerous situation and avoid getting bitten.

How Do I Know If I Need the Help of an Attorney?

A thoughtful dog owner may volunteer to cover the victim's medical expenses and lost wages without hesitation. In other instances, the owner and the victim may not reach an agreement.

The owner may not have been present at the time of the incident or may have defended their dog rather than show compassion to the victim. If an individual finds themselves in the following situations, then they should hire a personal injury attorney:

  • Long-term or permanent health effects were produced by the dog bite or attack.

  • He/she was not provoked when the dog bit or attacked.

  • The dog's owner broke a leash law or other rule.

  • The dog that bit or attacked has a history of biting or attacking people.

What Is the Most Important Element of a Dog Bite Incident?

What Is the Most Important Element of a Dog Bite Incident?

Whether or not a dog bite or assault victim can recover compensation through a civil case against the owner depends on the evidence.

Medical papers linked to exams, medical bills, treatments, emergency medical care, prescribed medication, and invoices must be provided by the victim to demonstrate the extent of his or her serious injuries. Keeping an organized record of everything relevant to the case can be beneficial as the case progresses.

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